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19 février 2008 @ 16:53
So I've finally gotten around to making a new journal, about four months after I'd planned to.

("Ein Suender" means "a sinner" in German and it's something I feel is a negative attachment to me...)

So yeah. If you want to add me I'll add you back. My new journal is cest_lui ("It is he!" in French).
13 février 2008 @ 19:49
Regarding my last post: the reason I said I would look for a Jack Russell mix or a daschund mix was because my brother has a Jack-Russell/Daschund/”Other” mix who I know well and who is a wonderful little dog.

I guess I didn’t realize that she is probably the exception in terms of energy and required exercise and such, since she is only part Jack Russell (1/4, I think, and ¼ Daschund [her mother was JR and Daschund], and ½ “Other” [her father was a mutt]).

Since, if I adopt a dog, I’m not going to for a few months, I’m open to suggestions of breeds and breed mixes to look into. I want a small dog (not a large one), and I live in an apartment and have other small animals (birds, rats, snake, fish).
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13 février 2008 @ 12:58
I'm sick again. I have a sore throat (negative for strep) and am tired and dead-feeling. I saw the doctor again and she said it was a virus infection, to drink lots of water and sleep more. Haha. Sleep more? With five classes, two jobs, an apartment to upkeep, and a thousand dates with hot men to go on (ok, that last part is imaginary...)

I'm going to adopt a dog, maybe, in May or June. I've decided to wait a long time to make sure I'm ready. I know that the animals I have now (rats, snake, birds, fish) require care and stuff, too, but I somehow feel like a dog is a bigger issue, that dogs are people too.

Anyway, I've already started contact with the local animal shelter and I'm looking for a daschund mix or a jack russell terrier mix.

I'm skipping my PE class because I'm too sick to walk and the doctor DID tell me to rest.
11 février 2008 @ 17:36
I'm finally in French 101, after a while of on-again, off-again self study.

Today in class our professor told us that the greeting "Salut!," if pronounced the wrong way, means something along the lines of "son of a bitch." What word or phrase did she mean? I don't want to call anybody a son of a bitch (immediately, anyway), but I am curious now and I don't know her well enough to come right out and ask her..

Grand merci!

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07 février 2008 @ 08:42
Look at this picture. I find it amusing on so many levels.

04 février 2008 @ 20:19
I am having a lot of trouble reading Ayn Rand. I have a feeling that her ideas might be true, and that's disturbing. Atheism, selfishness as a virtue, and anti-charity are all things which scare me but which seem fundamental to her way of life (called Objectivism).

On face value I would dismiss all of her ideas as cold-hearted, naieve, and black-and-white, but the way she describes and elaborates her ideas makes them seem like the best thing ever. I don't know quite what to make of her and her philosophy.

She is the only person who has ever made atheism appeal to me.
25 janvier 2008 @ 03:58
To all the men on my friends list (when I thought of asking this question I realized most the people on my friends list are women)...how often do you get your hair cut?

I've had long long hair since I was 15 (going on 9 years) and I'm finally seriously considering cutting it all off, getting a short hair cut.

But in my adult life I've never had short hair so I don't know how often you need to get it cut.

Care to enlighten me?
22 janvier 2008 @ 17:24
One of the hottest men in the world is dead.

Boo hoo.

What's weird is that I learned of his death as I'm sitting here in the library working on a presentation on "The Psychology of death."
14 janvier 2008 @ 17:46
Can you lose weight in your fingers? One of my rings doesn't fit and it pisses me off.
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14 janvier 2008 @ 13:05
Turtle Shell

An empty turtle shell
dry and white
sits cradled on my coffee table

I pick it up and shake it

Someone used to live here
God's little brother